Step into the metaverse,
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The metaverse remains an entity that is still difficult to understand. Jumping the hype wagon is not the same as tastefully integrating it with your brand.

Brands must start preparing today for the new, third iteration of the internet, as it will impact them massively for years to come. The implications for how we interact with consumers will be profound. We have the opportunity to build fully immersive, 3D worlds from the ground up, and leverage them to develop customer experiences as we’ve never seen before. 

Building blocks of the Metaverse

With our dedicated Metaverse Practice and expertise in blockchain technology, decentralized applications, AR, immersive experiences, cryptocurrency and data, we can help brands redefine the way brands interact with consumers.

Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are persistent, immersive environments where large groups of users represented by avatars-socialize, collaborate, or otherwise interact. Each has its own content, rules, business model, and even economy, with users owning, buying, or selling digital and physical assets.


This technology creates interactive and increasingly realistic 3D experiences. Users wear a headset for fully immersive VR experiences, or glasses for AR environments where real-world objects are enhanced with digital information. MR melds augmented with virtual reality, allowing users to interact with digital objects within their physical environment.

Virtual Assets

NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other assets form the backbone of the metaverse economy. In the grander visions of the metaverse, these assets—which are recorded on a distributed digital ledger, or blockchain-move seamlessly from one meta-world to another; however, such interoperability is not quite here yet.

What is possible in the Metaverse?

Immersive Virtual or Augmented Reality

From Virtual Reality through Mixed and Augmented Reality, to desktop browsers and mobile devices. In the metaverse, users will be able to live their second life: build relationships, invest in assets, work, play, learn, travel.

Digital Assets and Economies

Metaverse uses blockchain-based technologies, NFT and cryptocurrencies to create its own virtual economy: NFT marketplaces can be accessed to trade artwork, custom branded outfits, virtual real estate and many other assets.

Digital Twins and Simulations

Build digital twins - exact virtual replicas of living organisms, populations, landscapes, buildings, virtual offices, cities, pipelines, infrastructure, factories or even the whole planet. These are immensely useful for experiments and predictions for the physical world based on virtual models.

Virtual Reality for Living and Working

The metaverse is, first and foremost, a place for people to experience life 24/7 through everything they would want to do in the real world: meeting other people, working, creating, visiting places, going to concerts, shopping, and much more.

Brand Experience in the Virtual World

You can create virtual items for an already existing meta world (such as Nike in Roblox), launch virtual events (like Ariana Grande's concert in Fortnite) or create your own metaverse world where people can enjoy new experiences, go on quests, or build their virtual homes.

How to enter the

The world has already begun to incline towards a virtual space. Metaverses, non-fungible assets, and crypto are creating a new platform for industries to invest in. In other terms, a new economy is in the making.


Immersive digital twins to engineer complex products such as cars and aircraft; VR-based training; AR providing real-time line-of-sight information to workers on the factory floor



AR-augmented manufacturing; virtual test drives and showrooms; VR-based driver training and virtual simulations of upgrades and accessories


Consumer Goods

Brands integrated into metaworlds, such as designer clothing for avatars and marketing in the metaverse through in-world billboards


Content partnerships with metaverse companies; licensing of intellectual property for in-world use; collaboration on concerts and other events within virtual spaces


Virtual storefronts selling digital or physical goods within the metaverse economy; AR-enhanced operations to manage inventory and supply chains


Immersive classrooms; virtual coaching and tutorials

Public Sector

Hyper-realistic training for firefighting, military, and other high-risk environments

Our Solutions

With our dedicated Metaverse Practice and expertise in blockchain technology, decentralized applications, AR, immersive experiences, cryptocurrency and data, we can help brands redefine the way brands interact with consumers.

Strategy & Consulting​

Devising a strategy for you to launch your brand into the metaverse, how your brand can integrate itself fluidly by creating real utility and impact, and building an actionable roadmap for you to do it right.

Development Services​

Developing efficient systems for your brand for a fluid transition from web2 to web3. Building smart contracts, tokens, DAOs, and literally any piece of code.

Creative Services​

Metaverse is purely digital, we can help you with everything from building assets to creating your own world for your users to roam, connect and communicate.

Community Management​

Building a thriving community in web3 is different than building a community on traditional platforms. We make sure you have an engaging and rewarding community that sticks with you in the long term.​

Our Work

Radioactive Apes

After the world was laid to waste by a massive nuclear war, Radioactive Apes managed to survive the fallout and are now forced to survive in a barren wasteland.
Radioactive Apes sets a new standard for generative 3D art, with high-quality details and a unique combination of traits. As the project grows, Radioactive Apes aims to expand the collection into the metaverse, Defi mechanics, and beyond.

Metaverse, NFT, Radio active apes, experiment

Pixel Radioactive Apes

As an extension of the roadmap created for Radioactive Apes genesis collection, pixel apes are a 2d collection ready to be integrated into metaverse games. With more than 200 traits this uniquely devised collection is exclusively for radioactive ape holders.
Taking a step further, pixel apes are a part of one of the many prominent worlds ahead of us in the metaverse.

Manhole Virtual World

Drawing instances from life, the virtual world imagined by the Manhole collective explores 6 degrees-of-freedom’ (6-dof) movies. All assets together create the imperfect yet perfect environment for the characters and of course the viewer. Epic Games, creators of the Unreal Engine 3-D creation platform, has also lent support to the project.
We aim to further push the envelope in exploration of the role of Virtual Reality and real-time game engine, as employed in the Manhole virtual world, to help businesses bring their ideas to the digital landscape.

Unreal Logo

many more under development.