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About us

Welcome to Deckor, your go-to destination for cutting-edge 3D visualization, drafting, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. As a leading creative studio, we specialize in delivering high-end visualizations for architecture, products, and automotive design. At Deckor, we are reshaping the outsourcing landscape, establishing a unique position in the market to assist both small studios and multi-billion-dollar corporations in achieving scalable solutions with uncompromising quality.

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to excellence to bring your concepts to life with unparalleled detail and realism. Whether you’re a budding studio or a corporate powerhouse, Deckor is dedicated to provide solutions through our tailored services.

Deckor’s birth coincided with a major paradigm shift in computer graphics technology and its effect on different industries. From creating augmented furniture, to augmented worlds (Metaverse/Web3); we’ve seen it all, we’ve been there for it all.

About us, Deckor

Always a startup​​​

We're tech-savvy, with a product-centric approach and a commitment to timely delivery. We understand the tech space intimately we think more like you, than just a studio.

Design in our DNA​​​

As designers and architects, our subjective approach enhances design processes, crafting holistic solutions with a creative edge.

Interdisciplinary approach​​

Architects, designers, CGI artists, musicians, and creative management professionals. Our team comprises the best in the industry, giving us a unique edge.


Aman Bhadauria


Aman is a trained Architect and Industrial Designer by educational background. He has had entrepreneurial stints in the music industry (particularly indie music in India) prior to starting his professional career working as a Sr. UX Designer at Sprinklr. With his design-first and product centric approach, he was able to establish Deckor with a mission to create a business that celebrates ideas, innovation and most of all, it’s people.

Vignesh Sridhar​

Director - UK & International​

Vignesh is a qualified chartered accountant based in London with significant professional services experience gained in the Big 4 across Deals, Risk Advisory and Assurance services over the last decade in India and the UK. He sits on our UK Board with statutory directional duties and brings a unique skillset and perspective to Deckor that spans across commercial business centric advice around our growth, expansion, pricing and business development strategies, customer onboarding experience, risk management, finance processes, and maintains broader managerial and administrative oversight over our international operations

Anmol Singh Suag

Director - Web3 & Metaverse Initiatives

Anmol is a computer scientist based out of San Francisco with a solid background in machine learning, economics and blockchains. He received his formal education in computer science and economics from BITS Pilani and University of Massachusetts. Fascinated by cryptography and decentralisation, Anmol has been studying and investing in this space since 2013. Currently focused on non-fungible tokens and their use-cases in web3, Anmol brings his expertise to Deckor to spearhead web3 projects direction and implementation.

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