A virtual world born from the sets of Suits!

Suits – Step into the virtual realm of Suits with us!


All of us at Deckor are huge fans of good, plot twisting, televised drama series such as Suits. In addition to being one of our favorite sit coms for its plot and charismatic settings, we’ve loved the stunning portrayal of the legal profession.  

Being a team of architects and designers, we have always been fascinated by the office design throughout the show. Harvey Specter’s office especially has been on top of that favorite list! So, when it came to creating a virtual space from Suits, visualizing his office was the obvious choice for us.  

From watching Suits to creating it! 

The challenge with visualizing Mr. Specter’s office was that it never had a layout to begin with. We started with all the knowledge gathered from watching the show as many times as we already had. 

We got into intricate details like the color of the walls, the painting Harvey always had and of course the basketballs! Assets like the furniture played a key role in getting the stylish settings just right.  

We had more help in visualizing, from Dekorate.com with furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures and furnishings. They assisted us in creating the perfect blend of furniture, design elements, and aesthetics to recreate the charming space. It was a collaborative process and one with a learning curve for us. 

We’re excited now to share the outcome of it with you. You can peek behind the curtain and see how it all went from curating assets to having that accurate ambiance.


So, sit back, relax, and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Harvey Specter as we unveil the magic behind the visualization of his iconic office. 

Watch the video linked below, it is a breakdown of how we achieved the cinematic look and feel for Harvey’s office


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