Sherlock: Our new virtual creation and our current favorite!

Calling all fans to witness the virtual recreation of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes! We at Deckor share your enthusiasm for 221B Baker Street, and couldn’t resist diving headfirst into its visualization. 


Every New Year’s Day is important to us, so we decided to kick things off with a bang! We decided to recreate the inspiring and captivating series, “Sherlock” as we’ve loved it for a long time.


Countless hours were spent by our creative team to meticulously study the show’s iconic sets, and this was apart from the time we had already devoted to watching the show. Some more time was further dedicated by us to absorbing every detail with keen attention.  

All the inspiration we gathered in that time, was then channelled onto our design boards. We brought to life Sherlock’s unique living space in the virtual realm. The process involved carefully plotting each element and combining the many ideas floating in all our heads. The result turned out to be one picture that we all loved!  

Devil is in the details: 

From the worn armchair, where countless deductions were made; to the mantelpiece adorned with cryptic notes, visualization of every detail has been faithfully done with meticulous precision. We’ve captured the essence of Sherlock’s personality and lifestyle. From his scientific instruments displayed with calculated order to the violin case resting by the fireplace, hinting at his musical talent.  


We invite you to delve deeper into the fascinating world of Sherlock Holmes through our captivating video reel linked below. Witness the intricate details of his living space come together! Through this video, you will experience the thrill of virtual creation as we unveil this iconic location and creation. 

You can’t miss this! 

The reel is a feast for the eyes of all fans of 221B Baker Street. It will take you through the process and showcase our love for the show. Watching it will be as much fun as we had creating Holmes’ space in CG, we promise! 

Hope you have as much as we did to create. 


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