Deckor’s virtual architect, a partner, and a teammate

Trained Architects and Interior Designers are the building blocks of team Deckor. We are now dipping our feet into another pool of the unconventional. 

Our team of talented architects and interior designers can now be a part of your team too!

We are not offering you just a draughtsman, but an architect/designer who can truly understand and imbibe your vision. You achieve fascinating results while being able to produce more in a short time.


Speed up your workflow with Deckor's Virtual Architects

We wager that you don’t want to spend your precious time on each and every aspect of a project, so why not hire a Virtual Architect?

Experienced Architects

Our team of architects/designers have practiced with the best in the industry, well skilled to work alongside you on versatile projects.

Your dedicated teammate

They can keep up with your vision and comprehend the essence of your projects. They understand your language.

Seamless communication

Imagine your full staff but in a different timezone. That’s how easy it is to communicate with Deckor’s Virtual Architects.

Hassle free management

You get flexibility, quality, and enhanced productivity without going through the hassle of actually hiring and managing a resource. We do that for you!

How can we help

Technical Drawings

We take over the meticulous task of drafting details, allowing you to focus more on conceptualisation of spaces.


We understand the value of a compelling project presentation, our architects help you create mood boards, renderings, and much more to convey your design intent accurately.

Design Assistance

We offer you complete end-to-end assistance throughout the project cycle, helping you tackle the detailed nature of the design process.

Choose the experience as per your requirements

You can choose from a wide array of diverse qualified talent with 2 to 10+ years of experience. 

We will help you pick the best person suitable for the scope of your work.

Entry Level (1-3 years)

Entry-level freelancers are perfect for businesses that already have systems and processes in place.

Intermediate level (3-7 years)

Mid level freelancers are specialists that can take projects off your plate with their own processes.

Expert Level (7+ years)

Expert level freelancers are consultants and strategists helping you to organize and expand.

Client Testimonials

Hassle-Free Billing

Manage all hours, billings, and future requests effortlessly as our team tracks everything for you. You just pay the monthly invoice.

No Turnover Guarantee

No more worrying about turnover - In the rare case an applicant quits, we’ll work to replace them immediately and cover applicable replacement costs.

Stellar 24/7 Support

Our support team is there to help you every step of the way via phone, email, and live chat.

Frequently asked questions

Fill in your details on our contact form. Our design managers will contact you asap. They’ll help you with the answers to any of your questions/queries.

The cost depends on the scope of work. You can get the exact project estimation by sharing the project brief with us.

We accept all types of files, including sketches and video briefings. We can work with any of the formats that suits you best.

For plans and drawings – Autocad, Sketchup, Revit, or any other vector format. Hand sketched drawings work too.

If you have a ready 3D model of an object – with any format you have: 3dsmax, obj, rvt, skp
For products/ furniture to be placed in the space- Online links, references, hand sketches with dimensions etc
Confused? Just include everything you have!

Lastly, a 50% deposit is required.

Working with CGI rather than photos provides you with high-quality product imagery in any number without the hassle of all the preparation that goes into a photo shoot. Moreover, photorealistic quality and easy workflow give you the following benefits:

  1. You can always ask for more views
  2. You can change any details you like
  3. It’s really easy to show all the customization options of your product
  4. Product 3D models can be reused in online and offline marketing, PR activities, etc.
  5. Its saves money !!!!!!!

You sure can. Our clients communicate with our design managers all the time. You can ask questions, leave comments and check on the task progress.
This can be done via email, phone, or virtual meetings.

We accept the following payment methods:
Wire transfers

We have a double quality control system. It consists of two phases: first, project managers check results according to our inner Quality Assessment system. Next, senior design managers evaluate the work once again for compliance with aesthetic quality standards.

The exact time depends on many factors such as– scope of work, the number of views, the complexity of the space/model, etc.
To learn how much time your project will take, please get in touch with us.

Sure, this is exactly the way we work. Owing to our large pool of 3D Artists, each of Deckor’s clients largely work with the same team, always ready to take up his project specifically – with no queues or waiting whatsoever.

​​Yes. We always have teams to take up the project of any scale, and they can work on multiple projects hand in hand.