Deckor’s virtual architect,
a partner, a teammate

Being a team of architects and interior designers primarily, we understand the importance of accurate implementation of essential design details.

Deckor’s Virtual Architects connect with all aspects of your design process to provide end-to-end assistance, meeting project deadlines. Combining talent and tenacity, our vetted team produces in accordance with global standards.

You achieve remarkable results while being able to produce more in a short time.

Speed up your workflow with Deckor's Virtual Architects

We wager that you don’t want to spend your precious time on each and every aspect of a project, so why not hire a Virtual Architect?

Experienced Architects

Our team of architects/designers have practiced with the best in the industry, well skilled to work alongside you on versatile projects.

Your dedicated teammate

They can keep up with your vision and comprehend the essence of your projects. They understand your language.

Seamless communication

They are as proactive as they come, that’s how easy it is to communicate with Deckor’s Virtual Architects, via call, email, and even virtual meetings.

Hassle free management

You get enhanced productivity, quality and flexibility without going through the hassle of actually hiring and managing a resource. We do that for you!

How can we help

Interior Design Assistance

Enabling you to focus on key design and conceptualisation, our team of designers work in accordance with your process, to offer design support and deliver vital working drawings for projects of any scale.

Our in-house professionals have worked with the best in industry, allowing you to run a project frictionlessly and within the time constraints.

Deckor’s Virtual Architects are here to streamline the project cycle and design process for you.

Architectural Drawings

Convey your design intent in a more influential manner with a complete set of high quality architectural drawings, not just to clients but contractors and vendors.

Our team helps you put together a coherent design proposal, translating ideas into detailed plans and an architectural set.

With Deckor’s Virtual Architects, you entitle yourself to an analysis of concepts through detailed technical drawings.

BIM Services

BIM has evolved from a digital transformation to becoming an Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry standard for professionals.

With a digital representation of functional aspects of a building project through its lifecycle, there’s more scope for exploration.

Our team understands your BIM goals to bridge the gap between objectives and managing infrastructure.

Choose the experience as per your requirements

You can choose from a wide array of diverse qualified talent with 2 to 10+ years of experience. 

We will help you pick the best person suitable for the scope of your work.


Fresh talent with 1-2 years of experience ideal for design assistance and technical drawings.

Junior Architects

Proficient architectural designers with 3-7 years of experience managing full-length projects.

Senior Architects

Expert architects with more than 7 years of experience, qualified to take care of end-to-end project lifecycle.

Manage everything effortlessly

Our team of architects is easily reachable on call, by email, or through virtual meetings to ensure seamless communication during the project cycle.

We’re committed to you

Our expert team of design managers perform multiple levels of quality checks before project delivery to ensure hassle free completion.

Get in touch anytime

Keep a track of everything easily through our formulated processes of hassle-free billing, tracking work progress, and resource management.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can work just fine with hand sketches to draft out a floor plan and elevations.

Yes, of course, our clients communicate with their dedicated architects via email or virtual meetings. You can leave comments, ask questions and check task progress. 

We accept all types of files, including sketches and video briefings. We can work with any of the formats that suit you best (CAD, Skp, Revit, Archicad, etc).

The project cost is based on the quality and experience of the resource you hire and the scope of work. You can get the exact estimate by sharing the project brief with us.

Yes, you have the option to hire more than one architect based on your project requirements.
Remember, we are all teammates!

Sure. Yes, multiple projects can be worked upon based on their priority. The flexibility lies in your hands!

Once you engage with our team, you are offered complete design support on projects. Including technical drawings, our architects can also help you with quality checks, coordinating with vendors, creating mood boards, architectural presentations, and much more.

A design manager will get in touch with you to discuss and fulfill the contract details. Once that is taken care of, you will be directly connected with your resource.
The design manager will always be available in case you need to get in touch.