Step into the metaverse,
with deckor labs

We like to stay curious, while relentlessly working on creative ways of bridging the gap between ideation and experience.

From taking our first step in experimentation, with a critically acclaimed consumer-centric app, the narratives developed by deckor labs have come a long way. Our explorations through the digital space have not only shaped up our path as an agency but also, our role as drivers of innovation.

NFT projects

Radioactive Apes

After the world was laid to waste by a massive nuclear war, Radioactive Apes managed to survive the fallout and are now forced to survive in a barren wasteland.
Radioactive Apes sets a new standard for generative 3D art, with high-quality details and a unique combination of traits. As the project grows, Radioactive Apes aims to expand the collection into the metaverse, Defi mechanics, and beyond.

Pixel Radioactive Apes

As an extension of the roadmap created for Radioactive Apes genesis collection, pixel apes are a 2d collection ready to be integrated into metaverse games. With more than 200 traits this uniquely devised collection is exclusively for radioactive ape holders.
Taking a step further, pixel apes are a part of one of the many prominent worlds ahead of us in the metaverse.


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Build value in
the metaverse

The boom of NFTs is already happening. The market is saturated with millions of NFTs across hundreds of marketplaces. Deckor can help you produce, collaborate and market NFTs. The crypto-art world is new and daunting – we can help you from conception to sale in order to help maximise your NFT offering.


Let us guide you through your metaverse aspirations. Avoid obstacles and discover the right path for your team.


Our team has credibility and pivotal relationships in the web3. Let us connect you to the best resources, knowledge and get it done.


Need a team to help you reach the moon and keep going? We have teamed up with the best in Web3 technology. Let’s “Buidl” together.

Creative Solutions

We can help you decide the best way to tell your NFT story, whether it is in the form of a 2D or 3D image, a gif or art in motion - we are here for all of it.

Development Services

With us you can expand your NFT art into the right marketplace with efficient contracts. Our team of crypto specialists will advise on the best solutions.

Community Management

We will help you build and maintain an invested community for your project, rendering it to success. Any platform that you need, we will help you reach there.


The NFT world can be an unknown place, but with our support you can build a roadmap that takes your artwork to the next level.

Unreal shorts project​

Manhole Short Film

It is when one takes on the ordinary to create immersive narratives, we start dialogues that matter. Manhole collective became a part of our picture for the same reasons, a project that focuses on amplifying affairs of being inside the manhole.
With the short film, we explored art direction, asset creation inspired by life, and achieving higher standards of visualization.

Blender Archviz Marketplace​

Dekorate Store

The Dekorate Store is an exploration that stems from our appreciation for Blender and its application in architecture visualisation. It is a form of giving back to the community and allowing every individual to add more.
We believe in blender as a tool, and here we are geared up with high-quality assets that are ready to build many realities.

Frequently Asked Questions​

NFT token offers ownership of the item in the same way, users own cryptographed coins. It ensures the attested ownership over the digital asset. The difference is that NFTs are non-interchangeable and cannot be broken into parts.

Creating NFT and selling the token on any platform can cost between less than one USD and more than USD10000. However, it is highly scalable n features and cost. Always be specific to your requirements and you can get the best estimate of your project cost.

You need to hire NFT specialist for your different projects. An NFT specialist possesses a deep knowledge of NFT development and different services such as NFT creation, community building, software license management, Strategy and other NFT apps. You can leverage the skills for different business requirements.

Fill in your details on our contact form. Our design managers will contact you asap. They’ll help you with the answers to any of your questions/queries.

NFT aka Non-fungible tokens are crypto-enabled token which offers a unique identity for provable ownership over any physical or digital asset. NFTs may include any kind of digital artwork such as music, video, songs, paintings, and could social media tweets too.

NFTs creators can gain passive income by setting the terms for each sell of NFT. In other terms, NFT creators receive royalty wherever NFT changes hands. For knowing more, you can consult with the Deckor’s tech-consultant team and get the right guidance.

Fungible tokens of the ERC-20 type are similar to currency notes. These are not unique and can be interchanged. Whereas NFTs of the ERC-721 type secure a unique asset and are not interchangeable. Unlike Crypto, Nonfungible tokens don’t possess any financial value. Rather the NFTs are minted for the items having some financial value such as property, art, or any asset.

Yes, you can create your own NFT platform by choosing the NFT platform and connecting the payment wallet. Deckor Infotech can help you create your own NFT and sell on multiple platforms.