Hello everyone!

We’ve been wanting to write our first blog post for a while now. It’s not long before we started gathering architects, CG artists, engineers and designers to come together and created deckor- an Archviz (visualisation) service powered by our inhouse platform which we have created with a lot of love and collaboration with the designers.

Legendary newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane said this to the Syracuse Advertising Men’s Club, in March 1911:

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”

And we believe that we usually create quite a stunning picture for our clients (designers) which as they tell us, helps them convert much more business and saves a lot of time. Who doesn’t want a happy customer after all? Having said that, we have been experimenting and playing around with a lot of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tech to enhance the visualisation for the end consumer and create tools for the community (Architects and Interior Designers) which we’ll be announcing soon enough.

We’re excited about this journey and already putting India on the map for the top-notch visualisation quality and not just for being cheap service providers. 

Watch this space for more blog posts and happenings from our camp and feel free to drop us a line at info@deckor.co 🙂


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